Gjøa School’s-Out Camps have been Brooklyn’s best soccer camp experience for over 20 years, offering the best instruction and lots of soccer FUN!

Our licensed, qualified coaches have created a curriculum around ball mastery, movement activities, and small-sided games in a positive and supportive environment. Open to all Girls and Boys 6-13!

Questions? Contact:

See the School’s-Out Camp schedule and FAQ’s below.


What does a typical camp day look like?
See schedule below

Is camp open to everyone?
Yes, kids ages 6 – 13.

Do you offer gender-exclusive camps?
Not at this time, but watch the schedule for updates as this may change.

Can I sign up for individual days?
There are many single-day School’s-Out Camps, but weeklong School’s-Out and Summer Camps offer four and five-day options, and half or full days, but no single days – there’s a 4-day minimum on multi-day camps.

Do you offer sibling and/or multi-week discounts?
There is a 10% sibling discount automatically applied on the second (or more) registration of the same camp. A 10% multi-week discount on 3 or more weeks of Summer Camp is available on request after registration is complete and only as credit toward a future registration. Send requests to

Are there early-bird discounts?
Early bird discounts are generally available for summer camps up to about a month prior to the start of the summer camp season.

Do you offer financial aid for camps?
We offer a limited number of partial scholarships. Write to for more information.

What does my child bring to camp?
*Sunblock – apply in the morning and send extra for reapplication
*Pumped age-appropriate ball
*Sports clothing: tee-shirt, shorts, long socks to cover shin guards (INDOOR full-day campers should bring a small towel and change of clothes for wet activities on the roof deck)
*Shin Guards
*Turf Shoes or soccer cleats (sneakers are acceptable, but not ideal)
*GK Gloves (Goalkeepers only)
*Full large water bottle, clearly labeled with the player’s name
*Light Snacks (avoid nuts)
*Lunch (full day only – avoid nuts)
*Wipes and/or hand sanitizer for cleaning hands
Equipment note: there are still a few places around BK that sell soccer balls, socks, and shin guards, such as Soccer Post on Atlantic Ave and Leonardo’s on Fifth Ave in Sunset Park.

What is the bad weather policy?
For outdoor camps, we play in the rain, but the presence of nearby lightning requires that we take shelter and, in rare instances, camp may be canceled for the day. If camp is canceled, families must immediately pick up their child. Families MUST have a contingency plan for picking up in a timely way if camp is canceled.

If the weather looks severe and/or a storm is expected, we may cancel in the morning via email before 8am. In the event that we lose a full day of camp, a make-up day can be scheduled in future.

What is the earliest time that I can drop off my child?
8.45am is the earliest time that kids can be dropped off

Can I drop off earlier, or pick-up late?
We do not have early drop-off or late pick-up options – campers MUST be picked up on time

How are campers organized – can my child be with her/his friend?
Groups are organized primarily by age and ability. If your child and her/his friend are the same age, it’s likely that they’ll be in the same group

What is your refund policy?
We do not offer refunds on camps. Under some circumstances makeups days are offered.

OK, got it, how do I register?
Thank you for reading all the way through. Register here.

What does a typical camp day schedule look like?

9.00am Camp Introduction + Daily Value/Health & Wellness Topics
9.05-9.30 Juggling, Ball Mastery
9.30-9.45 Topic – Passing
9.45-10.10 Topic – Dribbling & Running with the Ball
10.10-10.30 Topic – 1v1 Attacking and Defending
10.30-10.45 Snack Break
10.45-11.00 Gjøa Shooting Challenge
11.00-11.55 Small-sided Games
11.55-Noon Morning Review and Half-Day Camper Dismissal
Noon-12.50 Lunch Break
12.50-1.10 Topic – Passing
1.10-1.30 Shooting
1.30-2.00 World Cup
2.00-2.55 Full-Sided Games
2.55-3.00 Review the Day and Camper Dismissal
Water, shade and rest breaks happen every 15-30 minutes, or more frequently based on conditions