financial aid

As a non-profit, the Gjøa philosophy has always been to provide soccer training to as many soccer-loving young people as possible, regardless of their financial circumstances. Currently, over 40 players across every age group are on a full or partial scholarship. Our program aspires to grow that number significantly and to continue to make diversity a priority. If you are able to help us Give Back by making a contribution to our Scholarship Fund, it would go a long way to help children who have a passion for the sport, but cannot afford to pay to play. All contributions are tax-deductible.

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Playing it back

Our Playing it Back program is designed as a team-building, in-person community service project for our youth players.

At SC Gjøa we aspire to develop both players and people. Inspired by our trips to the Norway Cup and the commitment to community service in the culture there, we began our ‘Playing it Back’ program in 2018 to instill giving back as a core value of our club’s mission.

Every soccer year, travel teams participate in both a charitable fundraising event and a community day of service as a group. It’s our goal to promote team building and camaraderie outside of soccer, as well as empathy, charity, and a sense of community within each player.

Ghana Football Project

Ghana Football Project is a registered 501c3 whose mission is to provide opportunities for underprivileged youth through soccer and education in Accra, Ghana. Gjøa partners with this organization by raising awareness through fundraisers and uniform and equipment donations, since 2013.

To learn more about the Ghana Football Project and ways to become involved visit their website here.