Ghana Football Project & Academy 11

A short overview similar to what we have on the Giving Back page but to be updated with A11 text (need to create an image for GB page with both GFP and A11 logos – lk to explain to jt)

To learn more about the Ghana Football Project and ways to become involved visit their website here.

Make a donation to GFP

What They Do


  • Assist and develop local soccer clubs
  • Provide equipment and uniform donations to local clubs
  • Created own academy
  • Free coach education for local coaches
  • Promote education for young players
  • Pending 2021 – creating a local league for clubs with a focus on health issues (meaning we use the league events to partner with health organizations to serve and educate the community in various different areas such as dental hygiene, malaria awareness and screening etc)


Academy 11:

  • free for all local players to be part of the academy
  • Headed up by James
  • use football as a tool to ensure they get a good education
  • support them on and off the field with education, food program, guidance etc
  • partner with local organizations such as a local school to develop the field, local restaurants to provide the food, hire local coaches (with an aim of sustainability for the area, boosting the community

What Our Partnership Does

  • Official sister club partnership with A11
  • Many years of Gjoa families donating and fundraising for GFP
  • PIB official main sponsor
  • Club interactions through collaborative events (like goals galore), pen palls
  • Sister club logos on each others jerseys
  • Gjoa promoting GFP fundraising events
  • Future trips for coach education (Gjoa coaches going to Ghana)
  • Potentially trips for Gjoa players/families to volunteer in Ghana